• Super Visa – Welcomed by some, Derided by a few..

    Super Visa – Welcomed by some, Derided by a few..

    Dec 30, 2011 – The newly launched Super Visa scheme of the Conservative Government is fastly becoming a heated source of debate within the society with the conservative’s calling it a masterstroke while the Liberals rejecting it as an outright betrayal of Canada’s multicultural ethos. Lets examine what the both sides are putting in as their arguments.

    While the Conservatives are applauding it for its quick processing time and as a relief to a genuine visitor, Liberals are aghast at the massive cost it entails and the complex documentation it requires. The CIC website, in fact prints a November 5 statement by Liberal Immigration critic Kevin Lamoureux saying this” It will help families being reunited immensely. A lot of people will be happy to hear about that”, who days later – having learn’t of the exorbitant insurance cost had this to say- “”There was a huge amount of excitement and no one, including myself, thought we’d get blindsided”.

    The Government has also come under harsh criticism for suspending any further applications for parents seeking permanent residency. The Government however has defended its decision saying that with the immense back log and long processing time, such applications had anyways become meaningless.

    Both sides seem to have valid arguments and only time will tell as to who is right in the end, given that Super Visa is just a month old. One would have to keep a close eye on how visa offices around the world process applications, the reasons for rejections, the evolving insurance costs and the percentage of successful applicants.

    Stay posted as we closely monitor as to whether the ‘Super’ tag stands up for real or becomes a mockery…



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