• Specific questions about Super Visa

    Specific questions and clarifications about Super Visa and Super Visa Insurance

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    Q: Can my parents work in Canada on a Super Visa. I have a business of my own, can they work for me or not.

    A: No, Visitors on Super Visa are not allowed to work. As stated on the CIC website “Visitors are not allowed to work or study in Canada unless they are authorized to do so under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. In many cases, a work or study permit will be required.

    So, as your parents are on a visitor visa, it is unlikely that they are allowed to work, even if its for you.

    Q: What is meant by the ‘Stability’ condition mentioned in Super Visa requirements. Which countries are stable and which are not?

    A: Unfortunately, no list currently exists which classifies countries as stable or unstable. It is up to the Visa office of the visitors country to decide on this.

    Q: Is interview mandatory for getting Super Visa?

    A: There is nothing on the governments website which says that interview is mandatory. Once you have submitted your Super Visa application, it is up to the concerned visa officer to decide whether an interview is required or not.

    Q: Is Medical examination mandatory for Super Visa. If yes, then when do i have to get it done?

    A: Medical examination is indeed mandatory for Super Visa. Instructions for the same will be given to you by the concerned visa officer after you have duly submitted your application and it is being processed.

    Q: If the Super Visa application is rejected, will i be given the grounds on which it has been rejected, so that i can remedy the problem?

    A: Yes, you will be given the reasons as to why the visa officer rejected your application.

    Q: What if the Super Visa application is rejected. How long should my parents wait to apply again?

    A: While rejecting an application for Super Visa, the visa officer will supply you with the reasons as to why your application was rejected. Unless and until, those objections have been remedied, it would be unwise to apply again. So the question is not about timing, but rather about the reasons for rejection.

    Q: The tenure of insurance required is specified as one year. What if my parents leave after two months. Is there any provision for refund of the balance time?

    A: Although specifics vary from company to company, but usually the balance amount is refunded, provided there are no  claims or litigation. One has to read carefully the terms of the policy or ask the insurance company representative at the time of purchase of the policy about the same.

    Q: What if my parents buy the required insurance, but for some reasons their application is rejected. Do, they get their money back?

    A: Yes, almost all policies are so designed that you get your money back, if your Visa application is rejected. There might be some nominal deductions though- for paper work etc- but in general, as the whole purpose of getting  Super Visa insurance is made infructuous by Visa rejection, you will get your money back.

    Q: Does Medical Insurance cover emergency conditions only or discretionary visit to hospitals also covered?

    A: Visitor travel insurance covers ‘unforeseeable’ conditions only. It would be very difficult to find a Canadian insurance company which provides such a coverage. Even if you find such a policy, which provides for discretionary medical coverage for visitors, its extremely high costs would hardly justify discretionary visits.



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