• What Super Visa Application Numbers Tell (And Hide)

    Rush for Canadian super visa increases

    The Canada super visa rush

    6 Jan, 2011-

    Recent reports from Canadian Consulates around the world indicate that no matter what experts might have to say, the rush to acquire Super Visa is swelling. And to top that, a leading Indian daily recently reported that applications for Super Visa are pouring in fast and heavy, especially from the Punjabi community in India. In the one month since its launch, over 1000 Super Visa applications have been received at the Canadian Consulate in Chandigarh, India alone. Given that over half of Indo-Canadians are of Punjabi origin, this may seem not too surprising when you see it in that perspective. The Chandigarh Consulate insists that even with the heavy rush, it would still stick to its deadline of processing Super Visa applications within eight weeks.

    So, what are takeaways from all this -

    1. The craze for Canada continues, quite obvious and plain.

    2. The Super Visa insurance costs are not an issue, obvious and intriguing.

    3. The Canadian Consulate sticking to the Governments assurance of max eight weeks processing time, fairly obvious and worrying…

    4. The Canadian Consulate in Chandigarh, ending up as a benchmark of the success or disappointment over this whole Super Visa program, obviously plain, intriguing and worrying.

    Why so, because unlike the family sponsorship program had country level application processing time, Super Visa scheme applies the rule globally. The Consulates in ‘known’ heavy rush area’s will have to keep in pace with other offices which might receive just a few applications. And, herein might be the bureaucratic satire which liberals opposing Super Visa have been pointing to. Processing, we all know means both acceptance and rejection. So, just in order to fulfill the eight week deadline, any shortcoming in the application, which could have been looked over under other visa schemes will just become an excuse to give that dreaded rejection stamp. And oddly enough, what the authorities would imply is that we were in such a hurry to get you to Canada, that we had no option but to stop you from going to Canada!!!

    On the other hand – yes there is always ‘the other hand’, in blogs- in order to dispel notions of Super Visa being an anti immigration tool and to make it look an initial success, applications are approved left, right and center, the heavy influx of visitors is bound to upset many and will only raise the pitch against such easy visa schemes.

    In either case, ensuring the success of the Super Visa promise could end up in its failure.

    And all this, because someone set up a time frame of ‘around eight weeks’. With decades in experience of handling visitors and immigrants, one expected the policy makers to know about application hotspots, and have some flexibility in choosing time frames. Going into the sincerity of intent while making policies is beyond the scope of this post, but what deserves a mention here is that all this is happening in the background of 2 year suspension of family class sponsorship of parents, but more on that later.

    Not all the implications of this heavy rush are dark though. As someone pointed out, one good that one can infer is that importance of this business avenue is being well understood by insurance companies. The feverish demand for Super Visa Insurance is leading to more and more competitive products coming out from the insurance sector. This could – and to some extent already has- bring down insurance premiums as companies vie for a slice of this Super Visa Insurance market.

    To conclude, all sides will be anxiously awaiting any further data that comes from the Consulate in Chandigarh. The visitors response to Super Visa is indeed super, lets hope the other side would be able to match it.

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