• Canada set to admit more parents under sponsorhip scheme…

    Canada to admit more parents in 2012 than ever in a single year…

    Jan 1 2012 РEven though the Canadian government has suspended any further sponsorships for parents and grandparents because of the introduction of Super Visa  visitor visa scheme, there is some good news for those who have already applied under family class before Nov 5th 2011.

    Apparently the government strategy is that while any further applications will be on hold, in the meantime the backlog has to be dealt with as well. And in order to do so it will be admitting an extra 10000 sponsored parents and grandparents to help reduce the backlog. This is a phenomenal 60 % increase from last year. Thus, while 2010 saw 15000 approved applications, 2012 will see 25000 approved applications for parents and grandparents.

    One has to remember that all this is exclusive to all the admissions which will be made under the Super Visa category. The government is also considering pruning the admissibility criteria for the future, even redesigning the whole procedure through active consultation with all parties concerned.

    This should soothe some frayed nerves, especially those which had heavily criticized the family sponsorship visa because of Super Visa introduction. Essentially, what the government wants to convey is..

    A. Have more approvals this year than ever,

    B. Plus, Use Super Visa scheme,

    C. While we work out a better sponsorship scheme for parents and grandparents in the suspension period…

    Seems, fair enough..

    Except for a very legitimate concern and fear among those who have applied before Nov 5th 2011 under parents sponsorship scheme. And that is, that in the rush to clear the back log, the visa offices around the world might end up handing out more rejections than ever too. But more on that in the next post.

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